Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chitika Optimization Tips

1. Chitika Forums and Moderators. If you have any questions do not hesitate to post questions at the Chitika forum. Give them a few hours to a day and they will have the answer. Ryan is a very patient and enthusiastic moderator who loves gadget sites.

2. Most Successful Websites. The most successful with Chitika are about products and product reviews.

3. Best Pages to Optimize. Spend the most time optimizing the pages that get the most traffic.

4. Best Chitika Ad Position. The best placement for Chitika ads is below the page main content/ blog post and above the user comments. This is a logical place for the ad. Once the user finishes reading the item content or blog post they can then click on the ad to buy or learn more.

5. Optimizing the Bottom of the Page. A great area to place Chitika Ads is the bottom of the page. If a visitor gets to the bottom of the page and they have not found what they are looking for then the Chitika ad may be just the ticket. If you place ads at the bottom, the optimal arrangement is an eMiniMall then directly below that place an RPU unit. Most clicks will be on the eMiniMall but just in case the eMiniMall is not what the user was looking for then one of the related products may catch their eye, giving you a second chance for a Chitika Ad click.

6. Do Not Use Banner Ads. The banner ads are dead. The average user never clicks on the banner ads at the top of the page. You will have better results if you remove the ad from the top banner position, run the ad elsewhere and improve the look of the page.

7. Side Bar Unit Placement. You will not see the best results from the left site of the page. From the Chitika Forums: "The left side of the page is also a blind spot for psychological reasons (bear with me; I'm a bit of a dork). When you're reading a document, your eye will automatically look for the first letter of the first word of that line; however with the right-side of the document, your eye is much more flexible (since you can't be sure when that line will 'end') with texts and objects on the right side of the page. You can try Plus, the scroll bar is on the right, so you're looking over there anyway..." Additionally, if you are going to use a side bar unit keep it above the fold.

8. Blending the ads. This includes matching the background color, font style, font size, and font colors to your page. You want the ad to blend well with the site. The more seamless your page looks, the better the Chitika results will be.

9. How to Advertise on Forums. Traditionally forums do not do very well for advertising. The best practice is to put an ad unit just below the first post. This is good spot for your ad and it has a good chance of being read. The tops and bottoms of forum pages are overlooked. This placement seems to be the best for forum pages.

10. Traffic is the Most Important Factor. The most important factor for a successful Chitika campaign is traffic. Without good traffic all of the optimization in the world will not help you.

I hope these tips will help you to optimize your chitika ads to earn a lt more bucks.
Don't forget to comment here if i miss out anything.