Thursday, April 9, 2009

Which is better? Adsense or Adbrite or some other?

The answer for this question is as simple as everybody says adsense the best!
But i think in another way.
A lot of people has banned by adsense on just the threshold.Many of them are not fraud, I am also a person like that. I was using adsense before 2 months and before 3 week, my account banned. It was at the threshold(167$).As i was very sad.
But another great thing made me happy yesterday and that's why i wrote this post.
I was using adbrite and bidvertiser with adsense those days and adsense was banned but i am happy to say that adbrite and bidvertiser is paying me above what adsense pays.
Yes its true!
According to my survey, look at the below stats:
Average cpc

Adsense: 40 cents
Adbrite: 28 cents
Bidvertiser: 65 cents

Average cpm

Adsense : 0
Adbrite : 4$
Bidvertiser: 0

Average clicks on each ad per thousand impressions

Adsense: 4
Adbrite: 9 (Including Inline ad)
Bidvertiser: 18

This graph shows the stats of publisher sites before 2 months.

So you may understand what i am going to say.

It's better to try some other publisher networks with adsense ( without cutting adsense policy )


  1. very short post and less info.. i was execting some more. you could have elaborated the issue and made it but longer and more comparative, hence more informative.
    anyway.its good that you have shared such information which many do not share easily.

  2. ok...but i have created many more posts on the same please check that out

  3. good posting...

    Anyway i love adsense!!!!!!!
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  4. I don't know much about these sites but it seems that adsense is the best.
    I use adsense in my new site.

  5. ok....i think adbrite is also a better choose if you own a website with high traffic

  6. This is my Adsense for last 30 Days, will it better if i switch to Adbrite?
    $3,334.41 Estimated earnings
    1,892,164 Page views
    55,216 Clicks
    2.92% Page CTR
    $0.06 CPC
    $1.76 Page RPM