Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to select a PTC site?

This question point towards an important but a difficult task in the mind of every PTC follower.
I am using PTC sites just as an affiliate and the truth is that i haven't clicked any ads yet.
All my PTC earnings are from my active referrals!

When i heard about PTC sites for the first time, i was just not interested in it because of the hard time we should waste for it for clicking each ads daily. moreover my earnings was just below level. But when i started blogging, i thought about the new type of affiliate marketing which pointed towards the PTC sites.

About the selection of PTC sites: I have been using more than 20 PTC sites and now i am fed up with 3 of them which shows the mysql errors on them.
Almost all other PTC sites paid me huge of dollars
Thus i learned how to choose PTC sites from my own experiences.

So i am going to share a few working tips you should follow before selecting a 'Paid To Click' Website.

1. The PTC site must be at least 6 months old and should be trusted by a lot f people

2. The PTC site should have at least 2 pagerank and traffic rank(alexa) above 50,000.
this shows the user quantity f the website.

3. Do not choose sites having the heading : ' Promising PTC Sites ' Because we don't have warranty on these sites.

The PTC Site must be supported by bloggers (Like me) and money makers.

5. The PTC Site must have an instant payout system. Site paying slowly usually does not pays sometimes. ( eg: )

6. A Good PTC site will have a lot of payment proofs on net. So check and find at least 3 payment proofs on net

That's all!
Select a PTC Site now itself and start making money in a secure and easy way.


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  2. Good tips on PTC. There are a lot of PTC scams out there.

  3. how you added Tweet this?? thats so good, i tweet fiew your post, and its just great :D:D And you have a really good blog! :))