Sunday, April 19, 2009

Increase Traffic and Backlinks from forum commenting and signature

Forum Commenting is participating in forums that let you include a link to your website in your signature. While some niches like internet marketing have forums with an overwhelming number of signature line links in every thread, the forums for many other niches have far less members with their own websites.

Forums can act as an ideal marketing tool for your business. It helps you to learn and realize the new avenues available for your business through the constant interaction with other members..

This is fifith step from seven steps…..

* Step 1 - Write 5 good quality articles

* Step 2 - Placement of Google Ads

* Step 3 - Social bookmarking

* Step 4 - Article submission

* Step 5 -Forum commenting and signature

* Step 6 - Do-follow blog commenting

* Step 7 - Directory submission

Generate traffic to your website

Generate-traffic-to-your-website Participating in forums can be an excellent way to spread the word about your web site and attract traffic, e-book or other product. If you go about forum participation in the right way you can not only gain viral exposure for you web site or e-book but there are also potential other benefits such as the possibility of striking up relationships with other forum members for mutual benefit. The web forums can be used successfully to generate traffic to your website which in turn can help to promote your business. The more relevant forums you contribute to, the greater your chances of a flood of free traffic. And not only that, at the same time you are constantly building back links to your site each one of which can bring you traffic at any time. Major search engines are great at indexing highly active discussion boards. This means that you have a better chance of having your posts in the major search engines, which means more traffic if you are involved in a hotly debated discussion! Discussion boards are generally a highly targeted group of people that are more receptive to your products and services. So the kind of leads is of higher quality.
What is the signature?

You can add your urls in this space. When you comment or add new thread, signature will show under your post. No of visitors come through your signature that help to you to increase traffic. Other than traffic, signature gives you strong backlinks from high page rank forums. Most important thing is start new threads and post in forums which related to your blog or site. Otherwise visitors won’t come to your site. signature

First select strong two or three forums and start commenting and posting. But before that read rules and regulation in corresponding forum. Initially I use three forums because if you take maximum advantage from a forum no time to spent for other forums. My advice is start from one or two forums and become strong man in it.
Few forums











Read 50 forums live links

How to post

Posts are contained inside threads. Threads are a basically a particular topic and people post information and thoughts in threads.

To read all about posting, go here as its got loads of great infomation.


You can add up to 4 links in your signature. However, you must be a member for at least 7 days and have 10 posts. It’s to stop people coming to DP and only posting to get some links to their site.

Once you are able to have a signature, you can add it by going into User CP from the menu and going edit signature. You can add up to 4 links, have 4 smiley dudes and can pick whatever sweet colours you like.

This is great because you get lots of backlinks to your site (especially when you get 1000’s of posts!)

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