Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why blogger is better than wordpress

We all know that blogger and wordpress are the biggest and the best blogging platforms in the blogging world. But even i am walking in the side of blogger with a great excitement of the new unique features and so on.

I am not shy to say that, the best feature of which made it different from other sites is the option of adding "HTML/java script" widget. Frankly i can't have a blog without adding my own widgets which will only support HTML and java script.
Thus i choose blogger!

Many people has selected as the best ever because of their own reasons like mine.
Another great feature of blogger is the easiness in editing and modifying the template.

And now i would like to say the most effective thing which makes all people attracts towards blogger: The ultimate " search engine optimization ".
We can find that a blog that registered under blogger easily appears on top of search engine results. This feature helps to get more targeted visitors to your blog.

Oh! sorry. Don't feel that i am avoiding wordpress. Millions of people use wordpress because of its unique features.
I can't end this post without saying the best feature of wordpress: " link hover snapshot "

At last i would like to remind you:

" If you are a new blogger, please choose instead of which may work effective for your work "

Disclaimer: These are the thoughts in my experiences and i am just putting it in front of you. There are a lot of other features for and If you feel any problem in my content, please comment it over here.


  1. Interesting and controversial viewpoint!

    Blogger has lots of benefits behind it, it's so easy to set up and a breeze to use. But in my view it's not as flexible as having a slef-hosted Wordpress blog.

    Wordpress can be SEOed nicely with the right amount of effort and I've had success doing so in the past. That said, I'm pretty sure Blogger is favoured by Google, seeing as it's a part of it!

    My personal preference is for Wordpress, simply because I like having complete control. If you're willing to give up a little, then Blogger is perfect.

  2. I am just starting to blog and I chose blogger for the SEO reasons. However, i dont think wordpress is worse. They have a new feature that makes it more SEO friendly than before. Cant remember what its called.