Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tips to increase your adsense CTR

One of the main concerns of people who use AdSense as a money-making scheme over the internet is how to increase the AdSense clicks through rate. While you venture on different website marketing techniques in order to get more traffic, sometimes they just don't work. There is no problem with the website promotion aspect, but you just have to improve on your AdSense clicks, for you get only get paid once your visitors hit the links.

But how can you improve your AdSense clicks?

The first resolution you can do is fix your AdSense banner ad size. While a lot of people think bigger ads work better in generating profit, it's not always the case. There are times and circumstances when smaller ads bring in more profit as compared with bigger ads. Thus, for best results, why not add 125 x 125 banner ads on your site rather than the usual 250 x 250 sized ones. These ads may be smaller, but you can put a lot of them in your site and your audiences can easily focus on them while reading through your content.

Another aspect you should focus on is the AdSense text link colors. Using off colors doesn't really help in promoting your business; it only annoys your audiences. You should not make your ad look like one; otherwise your click rate will be low. AdSense clicks through rate in this aspect can be effectively achieved by not putting border around the ad, and by using the same color you apply on your text when inserting the ads.

By using the right color on your links, your website promotion strategies will become effective as well, as people would find your site friendly to their eyes. Through this you target readers would not hesitate to click on the ads since they know these links can give them the answers they are looking for.

Next, you look for the best AdSense placement. To optimize your website marketing methods through ads, you should begin with the Google AdSense link units. Through the link units, you can place the 5 horizontal link ad unit right on the header of your website, to make it easier for your audiences to see. Place the link ad unit three spaces under the header, and three line spaces above your text.

Meanwhile, another place where the ads become very effective is in between your text. The ads however should be smaller, so that they will not annoy your readers because of the surprisingly large advertisements. Afterward, you can place another horizontal ad link below the post, to remind your readers of your ads. By being discreet with your ads, your website promotion techniques would for sure bring in positive results to your site.

While people are more enticed with eye candy, AdSense clicks through rate does not always work well with image ads. At times text link ads are more profitable than image ads, thus you should first test the waters before you choose which ads you will use on your website marketing strategies.

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