Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AdSense Secret That Will Increase Your Income Significantly

I think that there are very few people that have been online for more than 6 months that have not in one way or another heard of Google AdSense. You might not know what it is but you have heard about it or read something about it somewhere in a blog or in the news you're following.

If you have been looking at ways to make an extra income from some online venture or if you already have a website or a blog you might know that Google AdSense can be a way to create that extra income for yourself with a minimal extra effort as you will just put the java script code on your website and Google will start showing ads on your site within 10 minutes or so. It is so simple that most people will quickly figure out how to implement it.

But just slapping on the code and then do nothing else might be able to make you money but you will also be leaving money on the table because you haven't spent time optimizing and testing what will work best on your site. No two websites are alike and what might be working great on one site might not be performing at its best on another site.

Very few people knows this (or thinks about it) and because of this they are making far less money than they could be making from the AdSense ads that they have on their websites.

Now I can't go into every single detail of how to test and tweak your AdSense ads because that would be a book in itself but I would like to share one thing with you that can possibly have a major impact on your AdSense earnings in the weeks and months to come and it'll require very little effort on your part (isn't that what we all want?).

The idea is to test the color of the text used in the AdSense ads. For most if will have the standard color of blue and if you haven't touched the default value your links are probably already blue. Test have shown that in most cases (which is most likely why they are that color) the blue link will outperform ads with links that have other colors. But you can't trust that this is the case with your site so you will have to test.

For some sites it will work far better if the ads look like an integrated part of the site and this means that the links should have the same color as other links on that site. On other sites it will be beneficial to have the ads (and links) stand out from other links and if you are normally using blue links then try changing the color to red or green and monitor what happens.

You should only change the color if you are planning on tracking the results. If you're not you might just make things worse but you would never know because you're not looking at the outcome. What you should look at is the numbers called Click Through Rates or CTR for short. The higher the CTR the more people are actually clicking your ads and the more money will likely come your way. But remember to test the final outcome and not just the CTR. If your CTR goes up but your total income goes down then the test color might not be the best for your site.

Like I said then there are a lot of other stuff that you should test and track and if you would like to know more on how you can possibly double or triple your AdSense income then be sure to visit my site where I'll explain more about how and what you should test if you're using AdSense to make money from your websites.


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