Monday, April 20, 2009

Submitting Articles to Increase Blog Traffic

Why is it needed ?

You might have read so many articles stating “content is king”.yes it is.But it is not the only factor for you to top blogging.It is one of the factors.There are so many factors other than a superb article – one of them is LINKS .Just google for one of your favourite topic and see how many irrelevant articles are there .Why are they present?Because although the owners of those sites might not be great article-writers,they are all good SEO-ers.Or atleast they have the idea of hiring an seo specialist.How did they get that google SERP position?It was only because of proper links !And the best way to get links is article submission [ actually writing viral posts is the most important thing but a very very difficult one ].

How should i use it to build backlinks ?

Every article submission site will allow you to include your backlinks.Just because it allows you to , do not spam the article.Use the following guidelines :

1.Link the article with your blog homepage with a proper anchor text [ think atleast for 30 seconds before you use a anchor text ].

2.If there is any article in your blog related to your submitted article , link back to the blog post.

3.Always remember the KEYWORD PHRASE that you used to link earlier.It is best to write the keyword phrases that you used to link to your blog home page or your blog post .

4.Never use the keyword phrases again and again.If you do that , you are sure to get banned.I have no doubts about it.Never ever think of doing them.


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