Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SEO Tips So You Make More Money With AdSense

Blogging for money is not a new concept and there are many people who make a good living doing it. By placing targeted links from Google AdSense on your blog you can make a nice amount of money just by people clicking on them. So how do you maximize your AdSense earnings and make your blog a money making machine?

SEO or search engine optimization through using keywords. It’s all about the type of keywords you have littered about your blog. These keywords are the key to driving traffic to your site and help make you money. The right keywords will also help Google place ads that are solely targeted to your sites content to drive even more traffic. The more traffic, the more money you could end up making.

The following are several tips on how to make the most of your blog and AdSense account by using SEO.

1. Figure out the best keywords for your site, the stronger and more searched the better.
2. Make sure your keyword is in the URL of your page.
3. Use the main keyword in the title of your blog posts.
4. Use keywords throughout the content of your site as well as in any new post titles.
5. If posting a photo, place your keyword in the alt tag of the photo.

If the keywords you are using on your site are not grabbing the right amount of search engine traffic, you will need to either use an online tool to figure out the most searched keywords pertaining to your niche, or start over writing and posting content to incorporate keywords that will grab Google’s attention.

One way you can determine if you have the right keywords is to look at the ads that AdSense has placed on your site. Do they coincide with your copy? Are they relevant to your information? If so, you most likely have the right keywords. If not, start over and start researching your keywords to find the right words that will create a buzz.

By optimizing your site with keywords, you will generate more readers, comments and return visitors. This will in turn boost your AdSense earnings. Eventually, your site will run on its own, you just need to put in the work first in order to reap the benefits.

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