Sunday, April 19, 2009

Positive Impact of White Hat SEO Techniques

All websites are created basically with a single aim which is to get higher search engine ranking and earn greater profits. Therefore the struggle for top SEO ranking is everlasting making it an on-going procedure for websites as search engines change their criteria and preferences for keywords.

SEO experts that are reliable and genuine always go for ‘white hat SEO techniques’ that has an ability to create long-term online results. In white hat SEO, all the rules and regulations laid by search engines are followed by site optimizers. Indexing of the content is also done in the exact way that can be viewed by the users.

White hat SEO is the legal way to optimize a website in order to make it generate satisfactory web traffic so there are chances of website getting penalized which also reduce due to the absence of wrong SEO techniques. The strongest point is that it has good quality content and it is truthful. So you should keep your website structure simple and also ensure that the programming and software part is simple and easy to understand especially for the search engines. This would surely lead to a better ranking of your site because of well optimized keywords and phrases.

The primary goal of white hat SEO is to offer the website that has helpful information and is build properly. So if you put quality content on your website then naturally the chances of getting link from other sites increase. Though websites may take some time to get noticed yet it has a long-term effect on the success of your website.

Websites that use this technique consists of great design and they also have better navigation links. For better promotion you can also post meaningful text on other websites of your preference and the text or comments you put up on another website should also be meaningful.

The widely used white hat SEO techniques are as follows:
1) Directory submission
2) RSS feed
3) Site feedback
4) Quality content formation
5) Creation of site maps
6) Article submission
7) Allotting back links

White hat SEO also increases the attraction quotient of a website as it presents original content simple to understand and it also delivers the right kind of information. There are times when white hat techniques takes some time to show the results which could make you feel that it is not the right option but you must wait since this is always worthwhile without any risk of your website getting blacklisted by the search engines. So the SEO expert of good repute and knowledge also understands this fact and they also abide by the guidelines laid by the search engines.


  1. i am not sure if this method still works, but others say they do, i been searching seo method so that i can win the contest in

  2. How is RSS feed valuable for SEO? What about feedback, that doesn't do much for SEO results? Directory submission is boring and doesnt necessarely gives backlinks, worth using automated tool like or something like that for submissions. I found that social bookmark places are pretty much replacing directory submissions these days because it is faster. Also stumble the pages for instant traffic. :)

  3. yes RSS feed is really valuable for SEO.

    if you are bored of directory submission, you can try for an easy manual link exchange.

    it worked well for me.


    keep visiting.