Saturday, April 18, 2009

Market Skills With A Blog

I get asked what is so great about blogs? Let me paint a picture for you.

Blogs can be set up without needing a financial outlay.

Search engines love blogs. Why? They provide a constant flow of information so they are indexed quickly, which means your business (or affiliate post) gets into the search engines ready to meet an eager buyer.

Blog posts are fairly short so if you do not want to write articles, the thought of an ebook fills you with dread then blogging is an easy alternative

You can promote your affiliate products by writing a review

You can include an opt in form and sign people up to your newsletter

You can offer games, prizes, polls and opportunities for people to take part

You can provide an opportunity for people to submit comments and take part in activities that will also help to promote your blog

You can offer free downloads that will help people online get to know you and your product/service

You can provide information for people looking for it

You can include advertising

Add really simple syndication (rss) and publicize your blog around the world

You can provide news and politic views.

Upload podcasts and video

This easy to use, easy to run and cheap marketing tool can be all you need to start making money online every day if you focus your efforts on developing an optimized keyword rich blog.

No expensive software needed, no technical knowledge, you dont even need your own hosting and domain name (although I recommend you get yourself at least that much).

It's the easiest, cheapest, most efficient plug-n-profit online business you can start for yourself.

If you already have a blog that is not making you much money remember you don't have to stick to just one, at last count I run over 10 and in an internet marketing seminar that Armand Morin was speaking at he mentioned that he has 9,000! So look at improving your blog or start new ones.

When it comes to hosting your blog the best option recommended by experts right now (I say right now because today experts may recommend doing something a new way and tomorrow they recommend doing it the old way!) is to host a blog on your domain as part of your website.

One of the reasons for this is because the search engines will see it as additional pages to your site and when you create a folder using one of your keywords, and then use a keyword for the title of your blog you are setting yourself up to be picked up very quickly by the search engines.

Blogging is a highly effective, relatively cheap marketing tool that can help you at its simplest form to attract readers to your information and your website and at its best can provide you with an ongoing income from affiliate sales, and/or selling your own products.

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