Sunday, April 19, 2009

Link Building Articles every Blogger should read

Without Link building , all your hard work is definitely gonna be waste.But yeah there is another possibility if you are already a reputed blogger in the blogosphere you need not do the initial link building and might just sit and relax as the links build naturally.This is what i consider a major advantage with a reputed blogger.One reputed blog – and you might use it to build anything you want and make it successful .

So this might not be the case for everyone of might have just started blogging and still do not know what to do to bring Google traffic.Let me show you what to do and how to do [actually i will not give much more tips related to link building now ;i will be giving you some top articles related to link building here and it would be helpful if you patiently go through each one of them].

1.Same anchor text in 1000’s of links could make Google ban your blog :

Be very careful with them.Same anchor text usage for all your links will get you banned .See this article to know how you should use the same anchor text :

2.links from same IP address are not of much help :

When i was a blogging beginner , i heard about link building and really did not know why people make so much fuss about link building.I was thinking that i could start a blog everyday and link back to the main blog .hee hee.That sounds stupid.isnt it ?

As far as quality links are concerned links should be obtained from unique ip addresses [it would be great if the PR is >=3] .

3.Relevant links are more important :

What does that mean ? let me explain in a simple way.If you ask me this question [lets say you have a seo blog ]– “which is better – a link to my blog from a PR 6 entertainment blog OR a link from a PR4 seo blog” , i would say getting a link from the SEO blog is the best option !

4.Get some PR 0 links too :

Do not just concentrate on getting links from pages of higher PR .Because that might not indicate a natural link building .that is obvious , isnt it ? So try to get a few amount of links from PR 0 blogs too.

5.Concentrate more on one-way links

6.Related link exchanges are definitely worth getting

7.Quality of links is more important than quantity:

whenever i search for the link amount for my competitors i get astonished seeing one lakh links to them – but there is nothing to get shocked or think you might not be able to beat them.You can still beat them with like 5000 or 10000 links from good related high PR blogs.So dont just concentrate on the quantity.

For some of you these points might be the same boring things that you read again and again in SEO blogs or blogging related blog.But for blogging beginners hope you got an idea now about proper link building.The seven points i listed above is just the important points but i recommend you to read every article listed above.Bookmark this page so that you read two or three times to remember every point discussed here .

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  1. Yeah links from the same IP address are useless and it considers to be a spam.