Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Biggest Blunder of new Website owners

Having a website for your business is presently as natural as having a car. The biggest point here is, if used properly, a website is an extremely powerful sales machine. Mind these words: If Used Properly.

Many "newly-born" site owners misinterpret the idea of having a website. A common mistake of inexperienced website owners is attaching to a site's design a higher priority than to its content.
Let us see why this is a mistake.

The thing is, most of the time people don't show up to a website accidentally. Statistics shows that in 80% of cases, the place from where users start surfing and searching for a product or service they need is a search engine, be it Google, Yahoo!, MSN or any other. This means that 80% of your potential clients will open a search engine webpage and type in some words, or keywords, in the search field to find what they need. After that, Google offers them 100 pages, with 10 results in each. And the first 10 sites people see in the results get most of targeted visitors. These visitors can be called organic traffic - or traffic that comes from search engines like Google. This is what you really need, cause the more traffic you get, the more people are likely to turn into big spenders and buy you product. Besides a million other factors that have to be discussed separately, your traffic depends on your site's Content! (Not on the way your pages look.) That's the biggest design-vs-content dilemma that us webmasters face.

And here's when the idea of earch search engine optimization ( or SEO comes forth. It helps bring together relevant content and people interested in that content, that is, to get thousands of unique visitors as organic traffic from search engines. Once you got their attention, it is thousands of times easier to sell your products or services.

Most companies don't want to produce high quality content for their websites. They will always come up with the "we don't have time for that" line. So much for these guys. The companies that have embraced organic website SEO ( have done very well for themselves. In the long run a successful SEO program not only gets more customers for the business, but helps keep advertising costs down to a minimum.

So if you have a website, it's high time to stop losing money and start search engine optimization.

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