Friday, April 17, 2009

How to target the most competitive keyword of your niche

There are certain steps to be taken by a blogger before starting blogging . First write down all your interests in a page . It might be great if the niche / interest has quite a bit of advertisers in the web .Some people blindly select one of their interests after certain bloggers advice them to do so .They are probably misled because although it is one of their interests , it is always better to select the best of all our interests as our blogging niche. By ‘best’ , i mean those niches which have atleast quite a bit of advertisers . What do you think is the use of starting a personal blog if your aim is to earn 1000’s of dollars via adsense ?

yeah for those of you who primarily dont concentrate on earning via adsense , personal blogging might be the best one.But for others , it would definitely suck .

So just starting a blog of your interest is not the best way of choosing a niche for blogging .You have to do analysis and then start building you blog steadily .

so let me give you some tips on how to select the best niche among all your interests and how to target the most competitive keyword in your niche :

1. do a usual search on google for all the top paying niches in adsense ,

2. compare them with the list of your interests and filter the overlapping ones ,

3. now visit and see which niche has got advertisers .

4. decide on which one to target – either you can target the most competitive ones or target the moderate ones .Its up to you to decide on your niche from your filtered list.

5. regarding the selection of the most competitive keyword of your niche , you have to constantly monitor your CPC of the ads in your blog . One day when you get some extraordinary eCPM or CPC , note down the ads served on your site / blog. [you should find the CPC of individual channels ]

6.This is the best way to know which ads perform best on your blog. Then you may concentrate more on posts related to that particular keyword .

Always remember to form adsense channels whenever you plan to place a new ad in your blog .

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