Saturday, April 25, 2009

Get Website Visitors From Blogs

Blogs are becoming more and more popular.
The word "blog" is short for web log.
And blogs are a great way of getting links
in to your website.

For instance, if you have a website about Internet marketing,
you could search Google for "Internet Marketing Blogs"

In the listing that comes up I'm sure that you'll find some
blogs that you can post a comment to.
There are blogs that have page rank of 5 or even 7.
So a link from one of these blogs could mean a lot when it
comes to search engine rankings.

Find one blog that are relevant to your site,
and post a comment that make sense to the original
posting on the blog.
Make sure that you link back to your site with the keywords
that you are targeting.

That way your comment won't get deleted,and you have a link
from a high page rank site.

You should also consider to start your own blog.
Blogs seem to get spidered a lot faster than a normal website.
And it's easier to get good search engine rankings for the keywords that you are targeting.

I use the blog solution from Google.
It is easy to use and gets you started fast.
It can be hosted on the Blogger server or on your own website.
Sign up and start your blog at:

You can use the blog like a journal and add posts
about your daily updates to your website.
Your blog should have the same theme as your website.
That way you are targeting the visitors to your blog and can
direct them to your website by linking back to your homepage
in each posting.

Fresh content gets your blog spidered often.
So try to add a couple of post each week.
That way your blog will soon become a content site.
It will contain a lot of keywords that could bring you targeted traffic from the search engines.
There are also a lot of blog directories where you can add
your blog for free.
One good example is

My blog is ranked higher than my website,
even though I have hundreds of back links to my site,
where I use my targeted keywords in the linking text.
That only shows how powerful a blog can become
for your business.

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