Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chitika Tips and Tricks to earn more

* Customise background color
The javascript code was already in, just not enabled, and now it’s done : you can change your Chitika ads background color. The new parameter to add is :
ch_color_bg = "#303060";
Be warned however, product images generally show up on a white background.

* Earn more with affiliate links
Average click value on Chitika is just juicy. Why not add even a bit more ? Once you have a Chitika account, you can earn referral points. Sign up, give it a try, go “oooow” with your revenues and tell friends to sign up too !
* Fine tune your keyword targetting
The Chitika folks have published a comprehensive catalog of relevant keywords you can use. Great for product accurate selection !

* Use title and categories keywords
Over at the official blog, they have a smart tip : use post title as keyword. I have even better : use categories as keywords !
With Wordpress this is, as always, easy as pie :
var ch_queries = new Array('');

Till now, Chitika ads are really worth the buzz they are getting. Rather low click-through rates for sure, but average Cost Per Click way above everything else. Try them, and make a few bucks to spend on Ebay before Christmas comes :)

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