Sunday, April 12, 2009

Adtoll Optimization Tips

Launched in early 2007 in perth, Adtoll is another advertising network and is operated on a “buy and sell” principal. I.E you set a price for a certain ad space on your page, advertisers buy that zone for a week or more at the price you set. Also there is an automatic pricing option which adtoll offers. These ads are Compatible with Google AdSense. Adtoll also offers a referral program.

How do Adtoll Pay;
Methods of payment include check (min 40) Papal (min 20) and Wired Transfer (min 1,000).
There is a charge of 20 dollars on checks.
For every ad you sell you receive 75% commissions For example an Ad sold on your site for 100 dollars
is worth 75 dollars to the Publisher. The other 25% goes to Adtoll for costs and all that stuff!!!!

The Trick is finding advertisers! What you need to do is get a “rate Card” and Place it on your “about us” section of your site. Potential advertisers will see it there and if they wish they can purchase ads by clicking on it. They will then be sent to Adtoll.
It is suggested by Adtoll to begin your prices at a low price and then raise it as more offers are made. If you think your ad space is worth more then set it as you like. You may wait longer for advertisers as a result of this.

Check out what a Rate Cardlet looks like here!

The Ads
The ads are easy to implement and they appear very fast. There is an option of video ad. This is probably the most valuable ad. I am not quite sure how this works right now. Once I find out I’ll let you Guys know

New Bloggers
Ok this Section is for New bloggers. Once you joined Adtoll and set up an Ad Group you will be presented with a HTML code for your blog. This is a default ad. You are not paid for this ad. Its a method of showing potential advertisers what’s available. Don’t assume you will be paid for this.
That my only Grudge against Adtoll, that’s part of the process is slightly misleading and many NEW bloggers will assume they’re getting Paid for it.

I rate AdToll at 7/10 nice easy and simple. However for bloggers it may take a while to actually sell an ad. Sign up now and give it a try. I reckon this is great for the established blogger/ publisher with a large reader base.

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