Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mistakes made in adsense due to web designing

Most of the people happen to commit simple mistakes with PPC campaign and landing page design, which further lead to serious trouble. Thus, understanding the commonly committed mistakes with PPC campaign and landing page designs should further help avoiding them. Here are a few PPC campaigning and landing page mistakes that most make.

Mismatched URL and the website topic for user inquiry

Many try to create one-stop-shop page for group of leads so as to build links and getting high rank naturally. It is perfect only if the topic is narrow. However, if you are having visitors coming from relative field and not the same fields, it is very much important for considering that you might lose some PPC conversions than gaining in the natural search by getting mismatched type of URL and the landing page focus if compared to terms that you are possibly targeting.

Call to action:

Call to action remains most important at any landing page. So why should you consider hiding it below fold, chances are you will be losing as many as 30 percent of visitors.

Collection of unnecessary data:

Each piece of data that you will be collecting for the landing page would mean smaller number submissions. It is best to collect just the data that is required instead of collecting redundant or the unwanted data, as you will be incurring unnecessary expenditure.

Lot of call to action:

One or at the most two call to action at the landing page is thought to be ideal. You might want the users to sign up for the newsletter, send fax, call you, and sign up for RSS feed. However, doing so could create bewilderment and paradox of choice amongst the visitors.

PPC not directed to the landing page:

This is the most commonly incurred mistakes. In case, you have created a landing-page but the PPC campaign fails to direct the users directly to the landing page then, your money is gone waste. If you are going to invest some money to convert through the landing page then, do not commit a mistake of making the visitors work hard for finding it.

Call to action not very obvious or distinguished:

Think that PPC campaign and the landing-page are combined to get more number of people to just complete a single action. Now you are in perfect mentality, it will be not wise to leave call to action key not distinguished. Using unlike designing element or arrow is certain to attract the visitors.

Using video, Flash and other 'plug-in' needed designs:

Those clicking on the PPC links do not belong to the group of sophisticated users. Thus, running of landing page that needs plug-in is a great way for cutting down on conversions. For instance, an individual using Pentium II certainly cannot view easy or complete the call to action procedure, it being complex.

Being cheap to target the top terms:

You need not spend a great deal of money for each click in order to capture the long tail industry terms. However, people happen to limp in the PPC campaigns with just a couple of dollars and then end up bidding cheap keywords that would no good to them. Spending few more cents on each visitor is ideal for ensuring some good results from the PPC campaign.

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