Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tips to Make Money Selling on Ebay

Most of us have heard about the phenomenon known as Ebay which promotes those online auctions that attract bidders from the world over for just about anything imaginable. This auction selling has reached a fever pitch and the Ebay business machine just keeps growing and growing. Selling on Ebay has went from an Internet novelty to becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the world with tens of millions of people visiting and using the site each year.

But can people like you and I really make any real money selling on Ebay? I mean, we only have so much stuff! At some point we are going to run out of things to place for auction selling and then we will have to buy new things to sell on Ebay. Selling our things on Ebay may be a great way to make a few bucks on things we don't need any longer, but it can hardly be considered a real job that we could do day in and day out for money to pay bills with... right?

Ebay Trading Assistants

While there may be almost a billion people wired into the Internet, some are definitely more computer savvy than others. For these people and for countless others who plain just do not have the time to post their valuables on Ebay, this is precisely where Trading Assistants come in. Basically, Trading Assistants make money on Ebay by selling on Ebay things that do not belong to them.

By charging an agreed upon fee for all of the work involved in getting items posted in the online auctions held by Ebay, Trading Assistants help other people make money off of their old things while making some money for themselves in the process. It's a win-win scenario! By becoming a Trading Assistant in the worldwide Ebay business machine, you are registered in a directory with over 50,000 others just like you that people can look up and contact when needing someone to help them sell their wares through electronic auction selling.

Trading Assistant Requirements

Never forget that selling on Ebay is a privilege and not a right. Likewise, not just anyone can become a Trading Assistant and make money on Ebay by selling other people's things. There are some conditions that you have to meet in order to qualify for the Trading Assistant status.

First, you must have sold at least 4 items in the past thirty days. Second, your feedback rating must be 50 or higher with 97% of it being positive. Finally, your account must be in good standing before you can make money on Ebay by selling other people's things.

Selling on Ebay has indeed become a worldwide phenomenon. While you can definitely make money on Ebay by selling your own possessions, becoming a Trading Assistant is a way to make online auctions your stock in trade. Why not make money from the privacy of your own home doing something you enjoy? Ebay offers assistance to help newcomers get started and to date there is no fee but the company does reserve the right to change that policy-so don't delay! Start selling on Ebay and then sign up for the Trading Assistant program so you can make money on Ebay all year round by selling other people's things!

Make Money on eBay Auctions

There have been many books written and systems developed for profiting on eBay auctions. We've weeded through and selected four of the best. While we think that $10,000/month profits is on the high end, some people do make this kind of cash and more on eBay. In any case, eBay represents a great entrepreneurial opportunity.

Best Suited

For Anyone who likes to spend time online and enjoys online auctions. Even those who haven't tried eBay may find the thrill of selling for profit online irresistible.

Like other online job opportunities, making money in online auctions requires persistence and determination. Beyond that you'll need to know the proven strategies and techniques that have made people a lot of money on eBay in order to make the most money possible. The e-Books reviewed below are the best we have found from the many written on eBay success.

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