Saturday, April 18, 2009

Work At Home Based Business Opportunities Need Killer Headlines

All work at home based business opportunities publish ads and the ad must follow a certain process to become effective.

1.The Ad Has To Arouse Attention.
If you advertise your work at home based business opportunities and no one will recoqnize the ads, it is a waste of money. So the job of the headline is to grab the readers attention by promising something useful to him by using words that can do that.

Now your headline will work only if the readers have at that very moment a need for the work at home based business opportunities, which you offer. But if you use for instance optimized articles and the reader comes through the search engine search, the potential is great that he will take the action and buy!

2. A Good Headline Grabs 5 Times More Readers Vs The Text.
Keep in mind this figure because it means that you have to plan your headlines, they are the marketing engines. After the headline, the teaser or the first paragraph is the second most important part, because it must grow the excitement and make the reader to want more.

3. The Article Directories Use Only The Headlines On The Listing.
How do you read your morning paper? I think most of us read first the headlines. If your headlines are in the long list of headlines, how do the stand out from the crowd?

4. Your Promise Must Be In The Headline.
The headline draws warm readers, those readers have the kind of the need, which is meantioned in the headline. The headline has to have an answer to the readers problems.

5. It Is Effective If The Headline Sounds Like News.
The most used element in the marketing are new things, the real product novelties or the new kind of communication. The news in the headline is like a magnet. It does not necessarily mean that there is something really new, but the headline can just give that kind of an impression. Truth well told!

6. Longer Headlines Are More Effective Ones.
According to the many researches, the longer headline copy sells more products than the shorter ones. A longer headline is simply a more convincing because of the longer time of influence. In the marketing of the work at home based business opportunities it is recommended to write headlines with max 12 words including your main and, if possible, the second best keyword. The capitalized first letters give extra power and if you can use odd numbers, like 5, 7, 11, the better!

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