Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top Tips To Optimize Your Keyword

Do you wanna increase traffic to your site? Yes of course, having a site that is rank top10 in search engine like Google and Yahoo will be great. Because if your site is in the top10 of search engine results, then most probably you will have a lot of extra traffic from it. I know that traffic is vital for your site if you want to make more money from your site, or your blog.

However, to increase the volume of traffic to your site is not an easy task, except only if you know how to do it, the steps and the strategies. Even I myself, this blog, Smart Blogging Tips is not having much traffic count each day. In fact now I’m still figuring how to increase traffic of this blog. However, I do know how to make this blog rank top10 in search engine for my targeted keywords, ‘blogging tips’.

Well, for the tips, you should have keywords that you wanted to target. For example, if your blog is about Making Money, then you may target the keyword ‘Making Money’. Now, what you should do is to increase the numbers of this word in your articles, your posts. However, do not over use this word, or else search engine is going to penalized them as keyword spam. So what is the ideal numbers of keyword in one post? The best is between 3% - 7%. This means that if your post has got 100 words, then in these 100 words, they contain 3 to 7 of your keywords.

Now you know you should have at least 3% to 7% of keywords in your post, now what. This is the trick here, make sure every of your posts fulfill this requirement. Let’s say that you will publish one post in your blog each day. And within months, you will have a lot of targeted keywords that you wanted in your blog. This is how it works. It doesn’t mean that you have to focus very hard in writing your posts full of keywords, but you will need to do this slowly, it takes time.

Always remember this, keyword is keyword, do not write for keywords, but write for your readers. Content is much more important than focusing in keywords. Since you have a niche blog, your content will have the keywords that you are targeting automatically, there is no need for you to purposely write your posts to focus your keywords. Therefore, sooner or later, you will have your blog which is keyword optimized automatically. All you need to do is to write good quality content. To Your Success.

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