Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tips To Earn More from Hits4pay

Here are my steps to increase your earnings at Hits4Pay.

Step 1
I have received several emails from my referrals regarding categories. One of the biggest mistakes I see is not utilizing the interest categories. If you haven't checked the maximum categories, you aren't receiving maximum emails! Please, please, please be sure to immediately go into your Hits4Pay account, select the My Account Tab, choose Edit Interest Categories, and pick the maximum allowed which is 25. This will give you the best chance to get the most emails possible based on your interests. I have read 117 emails for the month of September.

Step 2
It is very important to make sure that you are receiving the Hits4Pay emails. In the beginning, my messages were being filtered as SPAM. Whatever email service you are using make sure that Hits4pay is on your approved email list. Once you start receiving these alerts, use a filter for incoming mail so you can sort and label the Hits4Pay alerts. This is because you can be receiving 100's of emails a day and trying to find the Hits4Pay alerts can take up time.The benefit of this is that you can readily see when new alerts come in and you can quickly and easily respond

Step 3
Like I stated in a previous tip last month, respond quickly to email alerts by going to Hits4Pay and viewing the email as soon as possible. The emails you will receive have a limited number of times they can be read. If you are not receiving the alerts when they are offered and if you are only checking once a day, you are missing out on many emails. For example, yesterday I had 2 emails that were marked 'Errors' by the advertiser because I ended up waiting to read all my emails together. If you don't have time, reading emails once a day is fine but just remember that some advertisers limit viewing to a number of people and it correlates with allocated time regardless of it if it shows up in your internal box on Hits4Pay. That is why its pertinent that you follow Step 2.

Step 4
Promote the Hits4Pay program and help your referrals. The most common thing people say when I tell them about Hits4Pay is "how long is the 2 cents an email going to take to reach the $25 payment threshold?" Well, we can all figure out that if you read emails on your own, then yes it's going to take some time.

For example, I read 117 emails personally last month for a total of $2.34 generated by me. With the $10 free at sign up, and no referrals, I would be at $12.34. So, I would still need $12.66 ($25 - $12.34) to reach payment. $12.66 / $0.02 = 633 emails to be read to reach payment meaning (633 / 117 = 5.4 ) it would take me roughly 5 months to reach payment! And that is if I receive all 117 emails every month, which is never guaranteed.

So, lets say you shoot an email to everyone you know (you must know at least 30 people? but if not, don't worry; there's other ways like email signatures). Out of those 30, lets be conservative and say you add in 10 referrals who each refer only 2, which is very realistic to attain if you promote using the various methods. 117 * 30 = 3510 emails means 3510 * $0.01 = $35.10 earned by 1st level referrals + $12.34 earned by you, including the free $10 signup bonus = $47.44! Do the math and its very possible to earn payment in your first month if you plan in obtaining referrals.

This is why it's much more profitable and productive to promote the program than to simply try and earn the payout yourself.

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