Saturday, April 18, 2009

Social Marketing a Fun Business?

With more and more people coming to the internet marketing, practices have changed over the last couple of years. Many businesses are now taking advantage of the new trends and are using social marketing to promote their businesses. There are many different ways that you can do this.

Web2 has a whole set of tools that you can use for social marketing. MySpace is just one of them.

Using sites like MySpace: This site will allow you to have a page and make contacts, you should not blatantly advertise here. You will be able to build up business relationships here, with your contacts. It also allows you to put in a classified ad for your business in a special section. You can attract a general audience from this form of promotion. It does not work well for niche markets and you will have to be very careful for network marketing opportunities.

Using video sites like Flicker and UTube: using videos to advertise your products is a relatively new concept. Even Google has made video an option for searches. This will work well for products. You will attract a fairly general audience with this form of marketing. You can make it more targeted by linking it to your blog "Seeing is believing" and if you use a good quality video, you can indeed sell products in this way.

Forums and business networks:

Forums and business networks are very useful and fun places to use for promotions. You cannot advertise at these places, but you can use your little signature file at the bottom of every post. Do not involve yourself in lengthy, time consuming discussions. Remember to post valid questions and useful answers. You will become known as an expert in your field and people from the forum will come to your website to check out what you have. They will also join your newsletter.

You can sometimes submit small articles to some business networks and start discussions or threads like this. It is a good away to sell yourself if you have a service. Always choose forums and business networks that target your particular niche.

Blogging: Blogging is an enjoyable way to promote your business. This is a web log or small daily diary. You will need to blog everyday for this to be affective. Remember to always target your particular niche. Make a special link for each blog that will lead back to your site. This can link back to an article or a special product- preferably a new one. Remember not to ramble and keep it concise. Submit your blog to all the blogging search engines. Over time, you will build a good clientele and bring good quality traffic to your site. You can also gain subscribers to your newsletter this way. Blogging can gain you valuable back links which will help you to get a better search engine position.

Social marketing is a fun way to promote your business and very cost effective. In fact, many of these methods are free. Many marketers have built their empires using social marketing. It's worth spending a little time everyday to practice this fun form of marketing.

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