Friday, April 24, 2009

Making Easy Money With Viral Marketing

Ask your best friend or your coworker what viral marketing is and they will most likely be stumped. Ask your best friend or coworker what word of mouth marketing is and they will happily give you a lengthy explanation. Viral marketing is a newer version of word of mouth marketing.

The fact remains that viral marketing is purely a creation of the Internet but it is nothing more than "word of mouth" advertising in a different medium. There are an increasing number of people operating websites from their homes and viral marketing is a very effective means of increasing traffic flow and generating new business. Simply stated: viral marketing can make you money.

What elements are part of a viral marketing plan? Each element is important and you need to do them all for the most financial benefit. Following are the five elements of viral marketing.

Perhaps the most effective element to the viral marketing campaign is to give something away. The word "free" seems to attract people more than anything else. You need not give away the store, just something to entice people to learn more about your business.

The second component deals with getting a message out that can be easily sent all over the digital world. The purpose of viral marketing is to have your friends tell their friends who tell their friends and so on. A great way to spread this information is through the use of email. Email is quick, cheap, and you can send the message to several people at once.

The third component has to do with understanding the motivations people have. What makes someone purchase a certain product or service? You need to ascertain what people love, hate, and desire. Greed is a powerful motivator. Use the greed motivator to your advantage in your viral marketing campaign.

Element number four involves taking advantage of the massive Internet network. Most, if not all, of the Internet users have 10 friends they network with on a consistent basis. These friends can range from business partners to close childhood friends. You need to get your marketing plan into the innerworkings of these networks.

The fourth element of viral marketing is to infiltrate and exploit people's networks. Virtually everyone has at least 10 people within their inner network of close friends and confidantes and a much greater network of business associates and acquaintances. Remember, this is word of mouth advertising so you want to infiltrate that inner circle of friends and get at least half of those people to forward your message on to at least half of their inner networks.

The final component is really only relevant if you succeed on getting your message out and people interested in your services or products. Basically, you have to be able to quickly convert orders for your goods or services.

Find the right emotional hook to capture your prospects and prepare for business success with viral marketing.

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