Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Interaction of SEO and Social Media Marketing

Search engine optimization was once a necessity; it has now become more of a necessary evil. In the past, when a vendor wanted to attract potential clientele towards his company, the SEO application would be used to categorize and systematize keyword centered content for the user's leisure, comfort, and confidence, while leading said potential clientele towards a company. In this way, everyone wins-from the business man's perspective, customers have the opportunity to find a business, and from the client's perspective, customers have the opportunity to find a product/service.

However, many businesses have become savvy regarding this tactic to attract new profit. So, more and more business employed the strategy. Eventually, however, the internet became so flooded with tailored, shallow content by means of articles as the most popular SEO option to indulge search engines to point in a company's direction that these articles are drowning any potential clientele. Although customers may find dozens of products perfect for them, search engines are becoming full of spam like articles with useless information that is often biased if not simply misleading, dull, and barely informative.

In fact, social media marker Chris Brogan has not too recently mentioned how the new content creators in the social media space are fakes, using the term "charlatans."

His frustration of how SEO was once the fuel that ran online advertisement but is now the internet's own poison is apparent. However, search engine optimization is still a must if the internet, as weak as it has become by the same poison, is to keep order and law. So, another application has since become popular not only because of how effective it is at keeping the poison at bay while allowing search engine optimization to continue to positively influence the internet, but because recent technologies have allowed it to be so popular. This application is SMM, or social media marketing. In essence, social media marketing manipulates content to its advantage, leading such "poison" to chat rooms, person to person social networking sites, blogs, and so on. By doing so, companies let the people talk for their product, leading to a more trustworthy tone of voice and, because of such trust between customers over a customer to official representative relationship, businesses prospering. It's win win all over again.

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