Monday, April 6, 2009

Increase Your Traffic With a Great Domain Name

If you want to increase traffic on your site it’s important for you to choose a great domain name. Without it you stand the risk of missing important visitors. Don’t register a domain name without considering a few basic factors. If you have the following in mind, the possibilities to have a sharp increase of traffic will be significantly higher. As an affiliate this is just as important as finding and compare affiliate programs.
The Domain Name Should be Kept Short

There are two simple reasons to why a domain name should be kept short. Short domain names are more memorable and easier to spell. If you want a visitor to return to your affiliate marketing business a long name just won’t cut it. With this is mind, the domain name shouldn’t be kept the shortest possible if you stand the chance of loosing your branding.

As an example we can mention that if your business is called “Affiliate Marketing”, the optimal domain name would be rather than a shortened variation like Take in consideration user behavior as well as branding and try to find a balance between the two.
Keywords Are Key

The use of keywords in your domain name is of importance for hitting well in the search engines. The keywords should be consistent and informative and written the same manners as people do their searches on the Internet. Having the right keywords placed in the wrong order won’t be worth as much as it could be.

Finding the right keyword for your domain name might not be the easiest thing to do but take the time to do it. It will be well worth all the extra effort!
Choose a Brand Name

If you choose a brand name it will be easy to recognize and remember and it doesn’t necessarily have to reveal too much what the site actually contains. Important to remember when choosing a branded domain name is that it should be kept short and catchy. If not, people won’t remember it.

The best thing would of course be if you could combine a brand name with a keyword name. This won’t be easy to do as many of the best names already are taken. Should you find one, grab a hold of it right away!
Time to Get Creative

Even though generic domain names still are popular, creative names also can increase the traffic on your site. If the domain you wanted already was taken you have to think outside the box. If the given example wasn’t available you have to consider options such as or Try to think about what your potential customers might search for.

It won’t be easy to take all of these factors in consideration but it will be well worth the time and energy. That’s a promise!

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