Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Important Tips Before Applying For AdSense

Almost every time you read an article on how to make money from a blog, one of the first word your eye will catch is the word 'AdSense'.

Most authors almost immediately tell you just to sign up with Google AdSense, copy and paste some code to your site and start making money.

What they do not tell you is, that it is no way that easy.

First of all; no matter how many different kind of advertises, no matter how good they might be, they will make you no money if you can't get visitors to your site. Without traffic - No money! From AdSense or any other kind of advertising.

And then AdSense:

Do not believe for one second, that you can just set up a quick blog with one of the default themes on blogger.com or the like. Not even if set up with your own domain name on a cheap hosting account.

Google is a very serious company, making tons of money from advertising. To be able to do so, they have to protect their paying customers from their advertises being displayed (and clicked on) at completely useless places such as a meaningless blog, or on what is really just a sales letter.

Don't get me wrong though: There is nothing wrong with a free blog or with a cheap hosting. But do not try to apply for AdSense and expect to be accepted, without doing your homework first, or it will be rejected for sure.

To get accepted into Goggles AdSense program:

  1. Do not apply with a site or blog that is still under construction.
  2. Do not set up just a pure sells site.
  3. Offer the readers some valuable content.
  4. Set up a presentable site, with not too many flashing banners, animations, pictures, etc.
  5. Avoid pop-ups. If you want to make use of pop-up, limit it to a single or two.
  6. Be certain that your site has no broken links.
  7. Create about 10 - 15 pages before applying.

10 - 15 pages may sound a lot, but if you are out of ideas what to write, you might be able to pick up some inspiration visiting some article directories.

Once you have a nice looking blog or site, with plenty of interesting content, and you are sure there's no broken links, then you can apply for a web publisher account with Google and hope to get approved.

If you are in need of ideas of content to your website or blog, you can try at places like:






If you want more options, just make a Yahoo or Google search on 'article directories' and plenty possibilities will show up.

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