Saturday, April 18, 2009

How To Start Internet Home Based Business

The strategy answers both to the question of how to start internet home business and also how to run it. How it differs from all other sites and how it generates enough targeted traffic. To make a strategy is a process of many selections, because you can run only a few or maybe one of them.

When you as a newbie think how to start internet home business, your target must be to get around 2.500 hits and 500 visitors per each day to your web site to be able to earn enough. I love the idea that it is wiser to use my skills rather than my money, because the idea of this business is to earn money, not to spend it! That is why I want residual, targeted and free traffic. So how to get that?

1.Make A Love Affair With The Search Engine Ranking.
The organic traffic from the search engines is what makes your site to rock. You see, actually you just have bites for the searchers, who do the whole job and then land to your site. You can get the first page or even the first place search engine position by optimizing your pages, writing regularly new content and building a lot of backlinks from other sites.

2. Backlinks Is What Search Engines Appreciate.
Backlinks are the way to the high search engine ranking. They are like votes from other sites to your site meaning that a site with a lot of backlinks is popular, i.e. the surfers need it.

The search engines regard a link from a higher traffic, related site higher, which means that a marketer must find the right balance between the volume and the quality of the links. This must be the part of the plan of how to start internet home business. Writing articles and distributing them widely is a great way to boost the number of related backlinks and to get targeted traffic to the site.

3.The Keyword Selection, Density And Placement.
So how to start internet home business by the article writing? Well, in that process the keywords have a really big role. My recommendation is that you should use a high quality software for the selection process and select related keyphrases, which will describe well the article content. Also the long tail keywords are effective ones!

The major and maybe the secondary keywords must be in the title, teaser, article body and in the author box. The recommended density is around 2 % of the amount of all words. The keyword in the author box is the anchor text, which will tell the search engine the relatedness with the landing page. Note that also your domain can contain your widest keyword in the root, not in the stem.

4.Create Content Rich Information Pages To Direct Traffic To Your Site.
When you need backlinks from related, quality sites to your site, just build those links by yourself. You have to make sure these sites contain useful information and are correctly optimized to be able to rank high in the search engines..

The organic, residual website traffic with several related keywords is no doubt the engine of the website traffic. It is also a great answer to a newbie question of how to start internet home business. It works day and night and brings a lot of targeted traffic.

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