Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to make traffic using Blogcatalog

I am a daily user of blogcatalog since last 3 months. But amazingly i am proud to say that i have made more than thousands for my blog easily.

Wanna be like me?

Read the below steps to start making instant unique visitors to your blog/site for free using blogcatalog.

1 . Join by giving your real email, name and blog.

2 . When your account get approved, start a new discussion on the topic of any article of your blog/site (better if the article is about blogging) and use the content same as f your blog post. but remember only give half the content of the real blog post!
and put the read more link which links to your blog/site article.

3 . If someone gets interested in your topic, surey they will try to read full article!
thus more traffic to your blog/site

4. Another way is to comment your blog in other active discussions with a post on the discussing topic
Remember don't spam blogcatalog by creating more than 1 discussion at a time which will lead to the ban of your account.

5. Another working but somewhat time taking task to build traffic is to collect as much as friends you can. almost all friends will have a look at your profile and thus clicks on your blog. many bloggers use this working trick!

6. Go to other profiles and comment on their blog/site. moreover tell then to have a look at your blog. This trick worked well for me.

These tips will also increase your backlinks ( thus pagerank ) other than unique traffic

Another secret to say is that, i have created almost 30 discussions in blogcatalog and i am still receiving more than 1000 unique visits out of that daily!

Best wishes!

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