Saturday, April 18, 2009

Front Page for Professional Web Design

The Microsoft front page editor is a tool for creating individual pages from scratch or designing and editing World Wide Web pages that have been created earlier. As text, images, and tables from fields and other elements are added to the page the front page editor displays them as they would appear in a web browser. This means one need not need to learn HTML to use the front page editor because it creates all the HTML code. The front page editor generates all the popular HTML tags including extensions such as cascading style sheets, frames and ActiveX Controls.

In case one wants to edit the HTML code directly then it can be done using fp editors HTML view. In this view text can be entered, HTML tags can be edited and standard word processing commands can be used such as cutting, pasting and find and replace. Although it is a powerful tool the front page editor is easy to use because of its familiar, word processor interface as is used frequently in professional web design.

Microsoft personal web server provides the technology which is required to mount the sites on the publicity available servers and also publish it on the internet or on any companys network. It is installed only on Windows 95 and Macintosh platforms. Windows 95 does not ship with server software.

So if working on Windows 95 then fp 98 includes the Microsoft personal web server on the fp 98 compact disc which is capable enough of hosting a test web site either locally or publicly. The most important contribution made by the front page package is of supporting the existing server through its server extensions which install files and directories into the existing server software to let the server work with all fp features.

Front page offers server extension for many of the most popular servers like UNIX and Windows NT. As we know this software functions as an integrated combination of three different components for professional web design for creating an effective site. A rich relationship exists between these components making it a good environment for professional web design.

The main two tools with the server in the background act as facilitator. This brings into focus the third major feature of front page that is server and server extensions which helps a lot to people on professional web design. As web sites can be accessed by visitors only if they are served by hypertext transfer protocol server software. But through server extensions, front page explorer works together with special software that tells the server how to respond to pages produced by front page. This is necessary because front page components and features arent parts of the growing HTTP standard and they exist exclusively in sites created with front page.

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