Friday, April 24, 2009

Forex Trading - Beginners guide

No matter how hard it is to believe, but the fact is that the global forex trading market is far more lucrative than the equity market. The foreign exchange market is a place where currencies of different countries are bought and sold. The market is operational from 1970 when the concept of floating currencies and free exchange rates were introduced.

The global forex trading market is not as publicised as its equity counterpart but that does not in any way diminish its value. The total value of the global forex trading market daily goes far beyond $2 trillion. You can check out the details at

There are many reasons for this kind of success in forex trading. First and foremost, the market remains open 24/7 due to the fluctuating nature of currencies. You can trade any time you want to. This is a major difference from the equities market where trading can happen only during the market hours.

Secondly, in stock trading, you can trade with either the money you have or at best with double leverage if you open a margin account. But in forex trading, you can obtain a leverage of twenty to fifty times, and sometimes even up to a hundred times!

Leverage is an important aspect of the forex trading market. It gives a tremendous edge. But you really need to train yourself properly to use this tool to your own advantage. This kind of leverage can entice a lot of traders. However you must be careful.

There are cautions to consider when it comes to leveraging. If used properly you can make a lot of money with leverage, but it also can take all your money away just as easily. To learn more about the pros and cons of leveraging you can check out this website

Considering the fact that the global forex trading market is very speculative in nature, you need to be very methodical and analytical to succeed. Moreover, you need to be strong enough to control your impulse and emotions. You need to think rationally and not act emotionally. Also, avoid experimenting too much.

Try and utilise strategies that are proven and time tested. You can study trustworthy Forex charts and graphs that have proved to be powerful indicators of the market. There are various tutorials available. You can also enrol in a formal training session.

The best way to play the market is to know what you are doing. That is only accomplished through continued learning. Learn all you can about the market. Find a system that works for you, and stay with it. When you are first starting out, keep in mind that the majority of losses by beginners come in the margin-trading arena, so you may want to avoid this until you are more used to the market.

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