Friday, April 24, 2009

Cheap and easy Traffic Generation

It's not easy to get people to visit your site without the cash to lay out for the pay-per-click advertising or the software necessary to flood the world with more spam. Essentially, if your site does not even rank in the first ten pages, you may never be able to achieve your goal. But, don't give up just yet. There is still hope as there are other free methods to generate traffic flow to your site.

It's not money but hard work that will get you into the top ten of search engines. The best way to go about it is to do your homework and study the sites that are on top in great detail. They obviously have a formula that works. Look carefully at their keyword density strategy, the sites they have linked to, and their meta tag usage. You might take a long time to understand their formula because the only way you can figure out the increase or decrease in your rankings is by testing one variable at a time and check the results. You need to focus on determining a competitor's keyword density strategy. Only the search engines know the precise formula, so don't hope to get it perfect. If you discover a strategy that significantly boosts your rankings, go ahead and try it on your content.

Establishing links with other sites will also significantly improve your rankings. But you don’t want to link with ordinary sites with little traffic. The search engines tend to think that if you and another popular site have exchanged links, then your site must have some pretty relevant content on it. But to get those links, you have to have some great content packed full of useful information to offer the webmasters of those popular sites. Finding that keyword density formula is important to this process because you want your content to be informative and search engine optimized. This creates a better incentive for websites to link with you because you will in turn help keep their rankings high. If you think you have a site filled with great content that could prove useful to visitors of other websites, then start e-mailing webmasters to obtain their consent to link to your site. There are websites that allow you to manually link to their site but they may not really be what you are ultimately looking for in order to make it to the first page of the rankings. But, every link gets you that much closer to your dream!

Another way to increase your traffic flow is to advertise on Yahoo classifieds for free. Yahoo is one of the most visited websites in the world with millions of daily hits. If you can write some great copy, you will have lots of people visiting your site to see your ad. With Yahoo you can post 10 ads free of charge each time. So, go on writing ads and posting them until you manage to drive people to your site. Don't aspire to become Google overnight. But it's the best way to work towards that goal. And, it costs nothing. Online classifieds on Yahoo are absolutely free.

As of now, search engines control majority of Internet traffic flow because 90 percent of the surfers use them to find what they want. That is why, it pays to study the competition closely and find their keyword density formula. Once you have the formula to generate a lot of informative content you can start establishing links with other sites. Be patient and go on striving. If you put in that kind of hard work, you will one day find yourself on top of the rankings. Then you can sit back and count your money.

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