Sunday, April 26, 2009

Best Twitter alternatives

Tired with Twitter?
Here are some twitter alternatives

1. Jaiku

Jaiku is a similar service like Twitter that lets you post what you’re doing on the internet. But it has some lovely additional features unlike Twitter.

  • In addition to posting Jaikus (status messages) you can also customize them with icons
  • You can use your smart phone to access Jaiku
  • Commenting on your friend’s Jaikus is possible
  • If they’re on their mobile, you could have details regarding their location, calendar and availability
  • You can live stream your favourite RSS Feed entries as Jaikus on your account
  • Badges are available to put up on your website

Get a Jaiku account now here.

2. Tumblr

Tumblr is another such service, but it’s still unique in some way or the other

  • Tumblr lets you create the so-called Tumblelogs
  • Tumblelogs have an URL in this form:
  • Tumblelogs are short, little blog entries that you could use to update your status
  • Tumblelogs are faster and easier to post to than ordinary blogs
  • You have a variety of themes to choose from for your log
  • Photos and videos can be easily added to your Tumblelog
  • Your followers are listed out in your Dashboard

In short, Tumblr is a whole new way of posting what you’re doing. Get a Tumblr account here.

3. Plazes

Plazes is another unique one, but still it can serve in someway the same purpose as Twitter does.

  • You have to pin-point your location in a Google maps mashup at first (this facility is still to come, but for now, you have to download a software to join Plazes)
  • You can then know who’s nearby you
  • Update your status then, a mobile version too is available
  • People can subscribe to receive updates about their friends or favourite plazes
  • Badges are available to put up on your site, blog or any other profile pages like MySpace, etc.

Go to Plazes


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