Saturday, April 18, 2009

Avoid These Network Marketing Mistakes

Do you ever wonder why your network marketing strategies just don't seem to be working? You've read book after book, article after article and even attended those seminars that are supposed to tell you all the great "secrets" of the industry. So why do you feel like you just keep pumping money into something that isn't bringing you a profit?

The reason why most people have problems with their network marketing is because they don't truly understand how the industry works. They make simple mistakes and naive decisions. Often, this is because they were sold a pack of lies from some company that reeled them in on false promises. People make mistakes because they never truly understand what network marketing is supposed to be about.

Did you know that 95% of people who get into network marketing have no prior sales experience? This leads to serious difficulties as networking marketing does involve sales and selling, regardless of what some MLM company may have said to you to get you to sign up. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make in network marketing. They think the product will "sell itself" while they just sit back and rake in the profits.

Another common mistake is to think you will be able to sell to your friends and family. Many networking marketing or MLM programs encourage you to share these great opportunities with your friends and family when in reality, your friends and family may not even want or like the product. If you do make sales, it will only be from people that feel obligated or that pity you. Don't depend on your family and friends to make you rich from an MLM program. Even if they are kind enough to buy from you, chances are you won't be a millionaire due to it.

Millions of people are jumping onto the MLM business or network marketing train but very few are actually becoming successful from it. Why is there such a poor response rate from these programs and opportunities? The biggest reason is that people go into the business with false hopes and expectations. It's a classic scam; you're given a lot of promises in the beginning about what a great opportunity it is, how you don't need any experience and you will be rich instantly. Once you begin the program, you find out the truth was stretched and in some cases, completely fabricated.

True MLM success comes from MLM training, experience, expertise and even practice. Can you make a good living from it? Sure, you can. Can you be highly rich and successful? In time, yes you can. But don't expect it to be an overnight miracle success. And don't think that you can achieve this without some work involved. If network marketing was so simple that anyone could do it and products sold themselves, wouldn't we all be millionaires?

When you learn what some of the common networking marketing, multi-level marketing and home based business network marketing mistakes are, you can avoid these mistakes in your own network marketing ventures.

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