Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adsense optimization Tips

Adsense Optimization for Ad Types

Adsense Text ad is the best among Adsense ad types available that include text, image, and link unit. Readers easily captured the information displayed in text ads compared to others. Though there are texts in image, the readers will process first the visualization of the image and the text. While link unit captures also the readers attention, it takes 2 clicks to make money from it and the readers are normally lazy to do the 2nd click. But, this is the best ad type for maximizing space in the web page. This adds more resources to the readers.

Adsense Optimization for Ad Formats

Wide Adsense Ad format works better than vertical Adsense ads. The wider ad format lets the readers easily captures one-liner texts of information at convenient width of around up to 500 pixels. Readers can conveniently capture the information at a glance. Narrow ad formats inconveniently force the readers’ eyes move down to the next line.

Here are the Adsense ad format suggested by Google from the most effective to the least and how to implement it in your blog or web site:

1. 336×280 large rectangle: Embed or blend this ad format with content or make it stands out from others within your blog or web pages.

2. 300×250 inline rectangle: Place this ad format at the top, on the right and at the bottom of your blog or web site pages.

3. 160×600 wide skyscraper: Place this ad format on the left, on the right or embed it with content in your blog or web pages.
Adsense Optimization for Ad Colors

Optimizing Adsense Ad colors has a great impact to your Adsense income. Ad colors can make relevant Adsense links as additional useful resources to readers who are looking for more information or solutions to their problems. Google suggested to blend, complement or contrast Adsense colors with the colors of your blog or web pages. For best results, use colors of the links that are existing and prominent in your pages. See more Adsense tips on colors that make cents and dollars, here.

Adsense Optimization for Ad Placement

Optimizing ad placement of you Google ads is another key to optimize your Adsense income. Normally, the best ad placement is on the left side next to your post or article. Next best placement is immediately before the page article/post or between the post title and post body. Then, another best placement is after your post body. Please note, however, that the best placement still depends on the content of every page.

Adsense Optimization for Content Targeting

You have to optimize the content targeting of your Adsense to emphasize and de-emphasize the page content which the Adsense based its Google ads to be displayed.

To emphasize the content or section of the page, enclose it with Google ad section HTML tags within the body tags ( and ), like this:

Track Adsense Monetization with Adsense Channel

Use Adsense channel to track the monetization of your optimized Google ads. Adsense channel lets you track the performance of each your Adsense ad type, format and placement. Use this to experiment Adsense optimization in your blog or site. In your Adsense account under Adsense Setup, you have to create and assign Adsense channel to each of your Adsense JavaScript. You may use channel label like “336×280 text top” or “250×250 img post bottom”.

You may also track Adsense performance in your URLs by entering the URLs in the Adsense channel. There is no need to change your Adsense script in tracking Adsense in URLs. Adsense will automatically track its performance in the URLs you have entered in your Adsense channel. For more information and tips about Adsense channel Optimization, click here and here.

If you have not yet optimize your Adsense ads, it is time to start it NOW. It is very important task to optimize the Adsense monetization in your blog or web site. Hope you learn from this Adsense optimization tips.

That's all !

So start boosting your adsense earnings !

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